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Postal Boxes

Who are we?

Ship Safe is a local Authorize Shipping Center for both FedEx and United States Postal Services, Veteran and woman owned, Karin Nidell and her team work nonstop to bring you the best service and ease in operating the world of shipping.

Our Start

Founded November of 2016, Ship Safe Packing and Shipping has built a strong and blooming community in the ever growing Myrtle Beach area and continues to do so to this day! With our incredible customers we are able to use and recycle a majority of the boxes used in our store along with packing materials.

In addition to being one of the most affordable and efficient local shippers in the area, we also double as a hub for Feral Cat TNR Rescue, also run by Karin, Which means we have fuzzy little friends to help out whenever PAWsible! We hope you like cats, because they will LOVE you!

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No, unfortunatley we are unable to take any UPS packages, but we are more than happy to print out any labels and package items if you are unable to for a small fee!

"Do you do UPS?"

"Can I give you my empty boxes?"

Yes! We will take any boxes and packing material you dont need anymore and are more than welcome.

"What can you do?"

All of our services are listed on our services page!

"Can you scan QR Codes or do Amazon returns?"

Unfortunatley the scanning of QR Codes are only for main franchise stores, No small business shipper can scan them, the same is true with Amazon returns as they often use QR codes.

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